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Hoppe on Austrian TV: On Brexit and the EU

Hoppe on Austrian TV (SERVUS TV) on Brexit and the EU. (SERVUS TV is a private TV-station, and part of the Quo Vadis Veritas Foundation established by Dietrich Mateschitz, co-founder and majority owner of Red Bull) Published on Jan 23, 2019.

The other discussants:

  • Irmgard Griss, member of the Austrian parliament for the NEOS (LEFT-liberals), and former head of the Austrian Supreme Court
  • Leigh Turner, British Ambassador to Austria
  • Marcus Pretzell, member of the European Parliament (elected on the list of the AfD – Alternative für Deutschland – who left the party immediately after his election to join a new, somewhat more PC splinter group, the Blues)
  • Thomas Brezina, Austrian living in London, internationally bestselling author of children’s books

Update: English subtitles for selected excerpts are available below (from HANS-HERMANN HOPPE ON BREXIT):