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“Historical Patterns and Tendencies from an Austro-Libertarian Perspective”: Hoppe in Moscow

On the 6th of October 2019 some 1500 Russians came to listen to Libertarian thinker Hans-Hermann Hoppe in Moscow. It was the biggest libertarian event in the history of Russia and the biggest libertarian lecture in Europe. Foreword and afterword by Mikhail Svetov.

The event was “Hans Hermann Hoppe: So To Speak”, and the title of Professor Hoppe’s speech was: “Historical Patterns and Tendencies in Austro-Libertarian Perspective” — in which he tells three related stories or narratives that explain the present world.
First: regarding the origin of states and the changes of state constitutions over time: a historical reconstruction.
Second: regarding the concentration of states, issues of war and imperialism.
Third: regarding money and banking and monetary centralization.

[Update: see also: Getting Libertarianism Right: Interview in Russia]

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