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Democracy: The God That Failed, Preface By Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Democracy: The God That Failed

Preface By Hans-Hermann Hoppe

I am delighted to see a Portuguese translation of my Democracy: The God That Failed in print.

Of all my books, Democracy has been by far the most successful. From its original publication in 2001 until today, the book has been vociferously both condemned and hailed. In some intellectual circles, it has made me a persona non grata, an “unwanted” person – not just with the dominant leftish and relativist mainstreamintelligentsia, but also among many self-styled classical liberals and libertarians. Yet at the same time the book has also become a source of inspiration to many independent and self-thinking people and helped in the formation of a steadily growing international network of intellectual friends, allies, students, and affiliates.

Preface By Hans-Hermann Hoppe