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The Case for Free Trade and Restricted Immigration (Vol. 13 Num. 2) (also in The Great Fiction) has been translated into Russian by Andrey Shevtsov. Here is the PDF and the text is below.

Аргументы в пользу свободной торговли и ограниченной иммиграции

Ханс-Херман Хоппе

Автор перевода: Андрей Шевцов

Принято считать, что «свободная торговля» относится к «сво­бодной иммиграции» в той же степени, что и «протекционизм» — к «ограниченной иммиграции». Иными словами, утверждается, что если кто-то и может сочетать протекционизм со свободной иммиграцией, а свободную торговлю с ограниченной иммиграци­ей — эти позиции интеллектуально непоследовательны и, следо­вательно, ошибочны. Из этого якобы следует, что раз люди стре­мятся избегать ошибок, позиции такого рода должны быть скорее исключением, нежели правилом. Факты, в той мере, в которой они имеют отношение к данному вопросу, по-видимому, согласуются с этим утверждением. Например, как показали президентские прай-мериз республиканцев 1996 года, большинство приверженцев сво­бодной торговли являются сторонниками относительно (если не полностью) свободной и недискриминационной иммиграционной политики, в то время как большинство протекционистов являют­ся сторонниками крайне ограниченной и селективной иммигра­ционной политики. [continue reading…]


Hoppean.org: Liberty, Tradition, and Culture

A new site is up, Hoppean.org, which looks quite interesting. From their About page:

What is Hoppean.org?Simply, Hoppean.org is an organization dedicated to the furtherance of the ideas of Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe and his ideological forebearers. The philosophy currently known as “paleo-libertarianism” and formerly known as “libertarianism.” The website hosts articles by staff members, contributors, and others. We also plan a weekly newsletter, political cartoon, and podcast to be named at a later date.

What inspired Hoppean.org?All of those who contributed to the creation of this organization in one form or another came to see what so many in the “libertarian” ideosphere have. An overwhelming element of infiltration, deception, subversion, and misrepresentation of what it is to believe in the philosophy of liberty. The philosophy has become a haven for grifters, egalitarians, socialists, degenerates, and the mentally incapacitated. The pervasively parasitic nature of the left has taken its hold on “libertarianism” just as it did with “conservatism.” We’re not about to let them have the name and the philosophy.

What are the goals of Hoppean.org?

We’re here to correct the record, revise history, and be a source of information for those who want to follow the philosophy of Hoppe, Rothbard, and Rockwell. We’re here to show this philosophy is a right-wing philosophy that has no room for egalitarians or leftists of any sort. We’re here to promote separatism, secession, and decentralization without caveats or exception.

We’re here to stay.

Who are you?

Nice try, fed. As the climate of today’s culture is degraded many of us will remain anonymous to protect our families and ourselves, but others who wish to be visible contributors can be viewed over at our staff page.

This site, as of the writing of this page, has neither official ties with, nor is endorsed by Hans-Hermann Hoppe, the Mises Institute, or any other person(s) named.


Progreso Y Declive: Una breve historia de la humanidad (Unión Editorial), a Spanish translation of A Short History of Man: Progress and Decline (Mises 2015), is now available. The translation “The libertarian search for a grand historical narrative,” which is chapter 4 of the original book.


The Great Fiction, Second Expanded Edition

The Second Expanded Edition of Professor Hoppe’s The Great Fiction: Property, Economy, Society, and the Politics of Decline has been published by the Ludwig von Mises Institute (2021).

See also David Gordon’s announcement at The Mises Wire: [continue reading…]


Hoppe Unplugged (German)

A new book and supporting website, Hoppe Unplugged (in German) [PDF], has been released. Compiled by Thomas Jacob, the full title of the book is Hoppe Unplugged: Ansichten, Einsichten and Provokationen aus Interviews und Reden von Prof. Hans-Hermann Hoppe [Views, insights and provocations from interviews and speeches by Prof. Hans-Hermann Hoppe].

The accompanying website also contains a Video Library, or Videothek, which supplements the book with videosthat  correspond to the chapters in the book; and a Library, or Bibliothek, a supplement to the booklet which is divided into Hoppe’s main works and works by other authors.


Una razón para cooperar pacíficamente (A Reason To Peacefully Cooperate), translation (by Oscar Eduardo Grau Rotela) of extract Lecture 7, “Parasitism and the Origin of the State,” from Economy, Society, and History: A Seminar with Hans-Hermann Hoppe (10 lecture series, 2004).


Economy, Society, and History: A Seminar with Hans-Hermann Hoppe (10 lecture series, Mises Institute, Auburn, Alabama, May 31–June 4, 2004)

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Mises and the Misesian Paradigm” (Oct. 18-19, 2002)
A lecture presented at the Mises Institute’s twentieth anniversary conference.

Transcript in Spanish by Oscar Eduardo Grau Rotela: “Mises y el paradigma misesiano


Kinsella, “Read Hoppe, Then Nothing Is the Same”

Stephan Kinsella, “Read Hoppe, Then Nothing Is the Same,” Mises Daily (June 10 2011). Spanish translation: Lee a Hoppe, a continuación nada es lo mismo


PFS 2021 Annual Meeting—Date and Location

The 2021 Annual Meeting of the Property and Freedom Society will be held from Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021 (arrivals) to Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021 (departures), in Bodrum, Turkey, at the Hotel Karia Princess. Those interested in attending future meetings should contact Dr. Hoppe or Mr. Thomas Jacob (jacob@pfs-zurich.ch) (Administrative Secretary/Membership), regarding conditions, availability, and requirements. For information about the 2019 Annual Meeting, or previous meetings, see here.

The initial list of speakers for the 2020 Annual Meeting follows:

Read more>>


Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Über den demokratischen Untergang und die Wege aus der Ausweglosigkeit: Reden, Aufsätze und Interviews wider den links-grünen Zeitgeist (Kurt Kowalsky, Ed.; Holzinger Verlag, 2020) (Concerning the democratic decline and the ways out of hopelessness: speeches, essays and interviews against the left-green zeitgeist)

Das Buch enthält Reden, Aufsätze und Interviews von Hans-Hermann Hoppe der vergangenen Jahre. Der vorliegende Band vermittelt einen weiten und tiefen Einblick in die Gedankenwelt Hans-Hermann Hoppes. Wer Anteil nehmen möchte an der Fortentwicklung der Menschheit in Freiheit, Frieden und Wohlstand, tut gut daran, sich die Gedankenwelt dieses Autors unserer Zeit ernsthaft zu Gemüte zu führen.

[The book contains speeches, essays and interviews by Hans-Hermann Hoppe from the past few years. The present volume provides a broad and deep insight into the world of thought Hans-Hermann Hoppe. Anyone who would like to take part in the further development of humanity in freedom, peace and prosperity would do well to seriously examine the thoughts of this author of our time.]


State or Private Law Society on Dealing With Corona

STAAT ODER PRIVATRECHTSGESELLSCHAFT: VOM UMGANG MIT CORONA, Ludwig von Mises Institut Deutschland (Jan. 6, 2021)

French translation: État ou Société de Droit Privé : Sur les réponses au coronavirus

English translation by Robert Groezinger:

State or Private Law Society on Dealing With Corona

Hans-Hermann Hoppe

LewRockwell.com, Jan. 4, 2021

[continue reading…]


The Hayek Myth: Spanish Transcript and Subtitles

Oscar Grau has provided a transcript to Dr. Hoppe’s speech The Hayek Myth (PFS 2012), which was adapted and annotated based on the essay F.A. Hayek on Government and Social Evolution: A Critique (Vol. 7 Num. 1) (also in The Great Fiction). Improved Spanish subtitles have also been added to the Youtube video.

[continue reading…]


What Must Be Done in Korean

What Must Be Done has been published in Korean by Mises Korea as 한스-헤르만 호페 – 자유주의자는 무엇을 해야 하는가. PDF and epub files. [continue reading…]


The Intellectual Incoherence of Conservatism in Spanish

The Intellectual Incoherence of Conservatism is now available in Spanish, as La incoherencia intelectual del conservadurismo. This version was originally translated by Jorge A. Soler Sanz, and then revised, edited and corrected by Oscar Grau for the official publication of the Spanish version for the Mises Institute website.


“Property and the Social Order” in Spanish

“Property and the Social Order” now available in Spanish, La propiedad y el orden social (trans. by Oscar Grau).


Une brève histoire de l’homme: Progrès et déclin, French translation of A Short History of Man: Progress and Decline (Mises 2015)


“The Economic Doctrine of the Nazis” with Spanish subtitles

From the Mises Institute conference “The Economics of Fascism” [Auburn, Alabama; 7-8 October 2005], professor Hoppe’s talk “The Economic Doctrine of the Nazis,” with Spanish subtitles. Original version below.


The Economics and Ethics of Private Property in Portuguese

The Economics and Ethics of Private Property has been translated into Portuguese by Instituto Rothbard, as Economia, ética & propriedade. The preface is online here.