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Hoppe to Speak at Australian Mises Seminar

From an email announcement by Dr Washington Sanchez: Professor Hoppe will speak at the Australian Mises Seminar, to be held from the 25-26th of November this year.

The seminar will consist of a Friday night dinner (venue TBA) followed by a full day of lectures at Sydney’s Macquarie University that will be podcasted on http://www.mises.org.au (for the moment the website is forwarding traffic to LibertyAustralia.org).  Here is a list of some of confirmed speakers:
1) Hans-Hermann Hoppe (the Great)
2) Steven Kates
3) Ben O’Neill
4) Chris Leithner

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  • Christianaustrian March 2, 2011, 12:12 pm

    Ist der Steireranzug eine Extrabetonung des oesterreichischens von einem Proponenten der Oesterreichischen Oekonomie, Herr Hoppe?