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Bionic Mosquito: I Love Hans Hoppe!

From Bionic Mosquito:

I Love Hans Hoppe!

NO! NOT THAT WAY!  If that’s what I meant, he would have to “physically remove” me from his (virtual) neighborhood!

I love his intellect, the way he creates the dots that he thereafter connects, his directness, and his very dry and wonderfully refined sense of humor.

It was Hans Hoppe (more precisely, someone who challenged me to challenge Hans Hoppe) that accelerated my interest in what has become the most intellectually satisfying topic that I pursue via this blog, that of libertarians and culture.  With that out of the way…

Libertarianism and the Alt-Right: In Search of a Libertarian Strategy for Social Change, by Hans-Hermann Hoppe.  (Speech delivered at the 12th annual meeting of the Property and Freedom Society in Bodrum, Turkey, on September 17, 2017)

You will note, sprinkled throughout my commentary are my “accusations” that Hoppe has stolen some of my material.  I hope you understand my meager attempt at humor; everything I have come to on this broad subject (I truly mean “everything”) began because Hoppe set me on that path, long ago.

I recently linked to the video version of this speech, and offered a few brief comments.  I purposely waited before giving more extensive thoughts as I wanted to wait for this transcript.  This will be a tough post to write…or, shall I say, write concisely.  Is it OK with you if I just copy and paste the entire text?  You see my point.  With this concern noted, I will attempt to be efficient. (Update: I failed.)

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