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Arabic Translation of Democracy: The God That Failed and Others

Hoppe, Democracy in ArabicAn Arabic translation of Professor Hoppe’s Democracy: The God That Failed is now available, just published by a publishing house in Kuwait, Takween Publishing, at their press in Lebanon, with an introduction by Nader Kadhum, a professor at Bahrain.

Professor Hoppe’s works are now available in 28 languages in addition to English.

For more on Takween, see Kuwaiti translating English classics into Arabic sees ‘booming’ business.


A Short History of Man: Progress and Decline and What Must Be Done have also been published in Arabic: تأريخ قصير للبشر (trans.: Haider Abdul Wahid Rashid).


A note was sent to Dr. Hoppe from a friend, describing the publication of the Democracy translation:

Dear Dr. Hoppe:

I’m pleased to inform you that your book has been published in Arabic. I gave a copy of your book to a professor at Bahrain named Nader Kadhum, and then he recommended it to a publishing house in Kuwait, Takween. They decided to publish it. It just came off the press in Lebanon. I believe it will create a stir. Nader wrote the introduction. This now opened a door is, let’s see how well it does in the market, hopefully it sparks more interest. In the Arabic market, when they publish a book, usually they publish 1000 copies. I’ll tell you how well it does when the results are in. I predict it will do very well. Let’s wait and see.

The book just got printed.  There is a big book exhibition in Sharjah, next to Dubai.  The opening date is 30th of October, I believe this is the launch date of the book.
The publisher told Nader that many people have called and wanted copies of the book. I’m also waiting to hear about people’s response to the book.  These ideas haven’t been presented in Arabic before.  Many Arabs, especially the more educated ones, believe in democracy.
I found it ironic that the book got published while protesters are on the streets. Today I heard that Hariri resigned. If I was the publisher I would start the marketing in Lebanon.
Update after the exhibition:
The book has sold out in the stall during the last day of the exhibition.  The publisher was a surprised at this.  Since their other books are mostly smaller in size and lighter subjects like, literature and some ancient history.  They must have sold 300 books in the Bahrain exhibition.  A good amount for Bahrain and for the type of book.  The next big book exhibition that would spread the book further is Riyadh which takes place in March [2020].
My prediction came true.  The book did very well, and other publishers were curious what was going on next door.  It’s strange for a book that’s theoretical to sell so well.  It’s also strange because the publisher, the intellectuals and the readers are all left leaning.  I think the endorsement by Nader made the difference.  He’s a well respected intellectual in Bahrain.  The attention-grabbing title of the book has also played a role.
So far I haven’t seen any reviews online in Arabic, they must be reading it right now.  They are probably in a state of shock and trying to reassemble their own ideas on political philosophy.
I’m very pleased with the result and hope this is the first big success with more successes to come in the future.
Also–I found another publisher an Iraqi that published A Short History of Man and right after the speech What Must Be Done.
I will update you on any new developments.  I think there will be a big response, and from here interest should spread to other countries.

Tomorrow morning, there will be a solar eclipse, and one hour after the eclipse Alayam Cultural Fair (book exhibition) will open and your book Democracy will be released in Bahrain.

The book is eagerly anticipated, because the author that wrote the introduction, Nader Kadhum, is a well known Bahraini writer, historian, and well-respected intellectual. Bahrain is the real launch because of the endorsement of Nader. People are ordering it in the tens, groups already formed to read, discuss and debate it. From here it will spread to the intellectuals, and to the rest of the region, and we’ll get reviews and opinions written about it.

I’ll update you when there are any new developments.