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Hoppean.org: Liberty, Tradition, and Culture

A new site is up, Hoppean.org, which looks quite interesting. From their About page:

What is Hoppean.org?Simply, Hoppean.org is an organization dedicated to the furtherance of the ideas of Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe and his ideological forebearers. The philosophy currently known as “paleo-libertarianism” and formerly known as “libertarianism.” The website hosts articles by staff members, contributors, and others. We also plan a weekly newsletter, political cartoon, and podcast to be named at a later date.

What inspired Hoppean.org?All of those who contributed to the creation of this organization in one form or another came to see what so many in the “libertarian” ideosphere have. An overwhelming element of infiltration, deception, subversion, and misrepresentation of what it is to believe in the philosophy of liberty. The philosophy has become a haven for grifters, egalitarians, socialists, degenerates, and the mentally incapacitated. The pervasively parasitic nature of the left has taken its hold on “libertarianism” just as it did with “conservatism.” We’re not about to let them have the name and the philosophy.

What are the goals of Hoppean.org?

We’re here to correct the record, revise history, and be a source of information for those who want to follow the philosophy of Hoppe, Rothbard, and Rockwell. We’re here to show this philosophy is a right-wing philosophy that has no room for egalitarians or leftists of any sort. We’re here to promote separatism, secession, and decentralization without caveats or exception.

We’re here to stay.

Who are you?

Nice try, fed. As the climate of today’s culture is degraded many of us will remain anonymous to protect our families and ourselves, but others who wish to be visible contributors can be viewed over at our staff page.

This site, as of the writing of this page, has neither official ties with, nor is endorsed by Hans-Hermann Hoppe, the Mises Institute, or any other person(s) named.