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Economic Science and the Austrian Method (1995)

Economic Science and the Austrian Method (1995); a defense of deductivism against its opponents (audio version by Gennady Stolyarov II; also available at Mises.org–Hoppe media)

Note: footnote 15 is missing from the PDF and epub version currently available at Mises.org. That note should read, approximately:

15. See Kant, The Critique of Pure Reason, p. 25. Whether or not such an interpretation of Kant’s epistemology is correct is, of course, a very different matter. Clarifying such a problem, however, is not important here. For an activist or constructivist interpretation of Kantian philosophy see E. Kambartel, Erfahrung und Struktur, chapter 3; also Hoppe, Handeln und Erkennen (Bern: Lang, 1976).