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Der Pragmaticus – Aufrüsten oder Auflösen: Fünf Konzepte für die EU

This is Professor Hoppe’s appearance on Der Pragmaticus on ServusTV, in the episode: Aufrüsten oder Auflösen: Fünf Konzepte für die EU (Upgrade or Dismantle: Five Concepts for the EU).

From the shownotes (auto translate):

Neither threats nor diplomacy were of any use: the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine is already seen as a turning point. The European Union must recognize that there are new challenges in many areas, such as defense and security policy, but also in energy, climate and refugee policy, which must be tackled together.

But within member states, fault lines are emerging over how to do this. So is the EU dysfunctional in its current form? Do we need far-reaching reforms? How can Europe keep up with the great powers USA and China? And which path will lead Europe into the future?
Moderator Roger Köppel discusses this in the studio with these guests:
• the political scientist and best-selling author Ulrike Guérot
• the libertarian economist Hans Hermann Hoppe
• the political scientist Ulrich Menzel